Hannah De Araujo

Recruitment Consultant

​Hannah started her journey at SoCode in July 2023 to take over the ever-growing Mechanical Engineering market.

"I recruit all levels of Mechanical Engineers, from Head of Engineering, all the way to graduates. I enjoy the Mechanical market because there’s just so much to learn all the time! All the way from learning about drug delivery devices and cell therapies, to space satellites and telescopes monitoring earth activities.

My family moved to Spain back in 2020, and I decided to stay here in order to gain my independence and grow both personally and professionally. SoCode has given me the opportunity and the tools to learn and take initiative of my work with the best mentors and champions around me."

Who inspires you?

"My mum for sure, she moved to England from Portugal when she was a teenager for school away from home and her family where she decided to then stay and build her life here, and then again moving to Spain in 2020 with the rest of my family to start a new life there, which definitely gave me the confidence, drive, and inspiration to stay here on my own to do the same thing."

Where would we find you outside of work?

"It can go one of two ways: if the weather is nice, you’ll typically find me grabbing a caramel latte and going on a countryside walk. If the weather isn’t nice (the norm), I’ll be snuggled up watching the most recent reality show, or rewatching Law & Order for the millionth time."

What advice would you give someone looking to get into recruitment?

"Be prepared to put a real shift in, lots of learning, and meeting lots of new people! The start of any job is tough but once everything slots into place, the rewards are immense!"