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C++ / Rust Software Engineering

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​The impact technology has made to our lives over the last century has been tremendous, and as it continues to advance at an ever-increasing rate, software development plays a vital role in doing so.

C++ is one of the most widespread programming languages and is most popularly used for building large software infrastructure and applications that run quickly, efficiently, and reliably on limited resources.

Since its first stable release in 2014, Rust has rapidly been adopted by some of the most successful tech firms as an alternative to C++. With major influences from C++ and functional programming languages such as OCaml and Haskell, Rust is also often associated with efficient, high-performance software.

These languages can be found in a vast array of different industries including Scientific Research, Medical Devices, Game Development, AR/VR Applications, FinTech, Telecommunications, Media and many more.

We have partnered with numerous companies, from small and exciting start-ups to large FTSE top 50 business', working on opportunities ranging across all levels of seniority.

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