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Senior Project Manager - Innovative RF Start-Up

Job description

Role: Senior Project Manager

Company: Innovative RF Start-Up

Location: Cambridge

Job Type: Perm

Start Date: ASAP


An innovative start-up developing a novel RF component that has significantly simplified 21st century RF front end architectures used in wearable devices, smartphones and IoT devices. The company is expanding to deal with growth and are looking for a talented RF Systems Architect to join the team!

Sounds interesting, what would I be doing?

Leading the planning, execution, and monitoring of projects - you will be responsible for making sure projects are delivered on time and within budget. Being able to evaluate risks and ensure these are communicated internally will help the team work seamlessly and in line with the business forecast.

Okay this is similar to what I do… What skills do I need to get the job?

The main skill is going to be the ability perform risk management to minimise any project obstacles, and planning around this to ensure it doesn’t happen ahead of time. Experience having worked in a fast paced project management environment before would be beneficial.

If you have helped define a project scope, deliverables and communicated these to internal and external stakeholders before, then this will be similar.

Great! How do I apply?

Send me an email to            


Drop me a message on LinkedIn: Alexander Flory