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RF Test & Characterisation Engineer - Innovative RF Start-Up

Job description

Role: RF Test & Characterisation Engineer

Company: Innovative RF Start-Up

Location: Cambridge

Job Type: Perm

Start Date: ASAP


An innovative start-up developing a novel RF component that has significantly simplified 21st century RF front end architectures used in wearable devices, smartphones and IoT devices. The company is expanding to deal with growth and are looking for a talented RF Systems Architect to join the team!

Sounds interesting, what would I be doing?

The RF Test and Characterisation Engineers primary objective will be to run module design validations, helping to optimise the clients RF front end modules. By analysing data and processing the results with the team you will help the development team achieve their goals!

Some other responsibilities will include designing & developing evaluation test boards as well as developing RF test plans and implementing test equipment.

Okay this is similar to what I do… What skills do I need to get the job?

A deep understanding of RF testing is essential to the success of this role. A strong knowledge of radio architectures and performance metrics is also needed. Experience using lab equipment and programming with C#/Python or Matlab/Labview will be helpful too.

Great! How do I apply?

Send me an email to            


Drop me a message on LinkedIn: Alexander Flory