Mo Baker

Recruitment Consultant

I started at SoCode as a Recruitment Consultant at the end of February 2024, operating in the Electronics Engineering Market. I’ve always found the Electronics world to be of interest from an early age, always wondering how my Iphone or Playstation functions. It is a pleasure to speak with the great minds who allow us to make our calls, play our video games, and listen to our favourite music.

I am originally from Iraq, and moved to the UK in the early 2000’s. After a bit of moving around, me and my family settled in Cambridge, which has been my base for the last 18 years. My recruitment career started in London through an internship, eventually landing a role much closer to home.

What led you to SoCode?

SoCode has always been on my radar, and it’s a great pleasure to get my foot in the door and see first-hand why they are the #1 technology recruitment company in East Anglia. Working in the heart of Cambridge Science park and being surrounded by other fantastic tech companies, as well as great colleagues is why I love working at SoCode. The team are bubbly, and the atmosphere is vibrant, forever learning and growing and striving to always be #1. If you knuckle down, work hard and be yourself, you will be rewarded here at SoCode.