Kirsty Darkins

Marketing Manager

​Kirsty began her SoCode journey in November 2021 taking on everything Marketing.

With over 8 years marketing experience she has taken on project Marketing for SoCode which is of course an on going task as the company continues to go from strength to strength.

"My whole professional career I have been in marketing; developing my skills and knowledge. You could say I live and breathe marketing - even when I'm not at work I look at campaigns from other brands/companies that could be on the TV, Billboards or on Social Media and I immediately start thinking of the strategy behind them, who is their target audience and what do they want to achieve (I can't get away from it)."

What inspires you?

"Honestly, myself. I always want to do and be better than the year before, I continually look for where I can improve and develop."

What did you want to be when you grew up?

"I wanted to be and do so many things when I was a kid; fashion designer, vet, plasterer and a ballet dancer! I also wanted to own a mansion with a swimming pool and drive a convertible. So far I own my house which is my own little mansion (without a swimming pool but the gym has a swimming pool) and my 2nd car was a convertible. So I am certainly making my younger self proud."

Where would we find you outside of work?

"I'm a very creative person so when I'm not seeing family and friends I'm either out and about taking photos or sat on my sofa with my cat crocheting or drawing. You could also find me doing DIY around the house (I've decorated most of my house even plastered a ceiling... It's harder than it looks), playing board games/video games with my husband and of course the cliché I'd be in the gym (well I try anyway)."

Favourite quote:

"Living the dream - My Dad."