Emma Panday

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Joining SoCode March 2024, I specialise in recruiting for Business Transformation & Architecture.

I find fulfillment in this domain due to its dynamic challenges, and the chance to contribute to impactful organisational changes, plus the satisfaction of matching the right talent with diverse roles.


With over two decades of dedicated experience in education and recruitment, I've successfully led large teams across diverse sites amidst constantly evolving environments. My recruitment journey began in 2021, focusing on Education and then into FinTech, Technology and IT transformation. Prior to joining SoCode, I specialized in the niche FinTech market of EPM and ERP. I grew up in a small suburb in Grays, Essex, where my upbringing instilled in me the strength and resilience to navigate any situation. Fond memories of my youth revolve around my love for horses and the time spent at the stables with my mother and two best friends. The person who profoundly influenced me during my formative years was my former mentor and friend, whose impact on my teaching career I still cherish today. Her mentorship and guidance helped shape the professional that I am today and allowed me to utilise my skillset in diverse situations.


Career goals?

My career aspirations are to become the best recruiter I can be. My career aspirations are to become the best recruiter I can be. I would really like to manage and lead a team as well as play a role in learning and development in the future.

What advice would you give someone looking to get into recruitment?

I would emphasise the importance of honesty and integrity in the field of recruitment. Building trust with both clients and candidates is paramount, and maintaining a high standard of ethical conduct will contribute significantly to long-term success.

What inspires you?

My children are my biggest inspiration. They're always curious and full of excitement about life, reminding me to find joy in simple things. Watching them deal with challenges inspires me to tackle my own obstacles with determination and optimism.


When you were younger, what did you want to do when you grew up?

Being a passionate animal lover, I've always dreamt of owning a farm dedicated to providing a home for stray and unwanted animals.


What would we most likely find you doing at the weekends/outside of work? Hobbies and interests.

 After work, I like to spend quality time with my family, whether it's taking walks to the beach or cheering on my children in their different sports. I'm also into health and fitness, and you'll often find me at the gym.


Interesting fact:

I used to play County Netball.


What’s your favourite quote?

 “A winner is a dreamer that never gave up” – Nelson Mandela