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Travelling Scientist

Job description

Bored of the same lab bench and want a change of scenery, while keeping up-to-date on the latest and greatest advances in protein science? Become a consulting scientist that will lend a hand as a traveling well of knowledge for other experts in the field!

Traditional protein synthesis is time consuming and often the bottleneck of experiments. You will be part of the team leading the way in compressing a 6 week process into 3 days for scientists across the globe.

Using your knowledge to educate customers in using a revolutionary machine, you will turn disbelief that protein synthesis can be so easy, into complete confidence in yourself and a device that will take drug discovery to a new level.

With established relationships in the US, UK and EU, you will be able to visit every lab making a difference in the drug discovery world to showcase proprietary technology and be the face of this business.

Expect a hands-on position where you will provide the initial set-up of the device, provide training to make best use of it in a lab-based scenario and perform tutorials for leaders in the industry.

You could be one of the early members of a team that will have true impact on the future of convenient protein synthesis for all, with all expenses paid travel and complete autonomy in your role.

On top of all this, look forward to a salary of up to £65,000 alongisde stock options in a company that with Series B funding, insurance and a generous pension plan.

Seem like you? Apply now, or travel to LinkedIn to find Dominic Fung at SoCode, the Omics recruitment consultant, to find out more!