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Product Owner

Job description

SoCode are proud to be working with a Cambridge based tech company who are giving consumer products a greater sense of hearing which enables a wide range of exceptional human experiences. We’ve seen our technology successfully deployed by a number of high-profile marquee customers. We are recognised as the leaders in the field of artificial audio intelligence by our customers, the academic community, and by market commentators such as analysts and journalists.

As Product Owner for one or more of our clients engineering scrum teams, you will be at the heart of our delivery process, helping teams build new technologies for sound recognition and sound enhancement. A typical day will see you interacting with commercial and technical teams and working across the full machine learning pipeline to deliver our customers’ vision and the future of our technology.

Key responsibilities

  • · Represent stakeholders and customers in your team, represent your team back to them, and give both a clear insight into plans and progress
  • · Keep your team up to date with the business context for its projects, so they see the value to the business of the work they do
  • · Negotiate and clarify requirements with stakeholders and with your team to ensure there is a single source of truth on these which is clear to all
  • · Break down project work items at appropriate granularity, as implementation time approaches, into initiatives, epics or stories, so work can be estimated and delivery forecast.
  • · Agree on milestones and sprint goals, and share progress against them inside and outside the team
  • · Answer questions from stakeholders on delivery plans and progress
  • · Answer questions from the team on goals and requirements
  • · Support and improve team processes, leading relevant meetings, listening to feedback and acting on it.

As a key communications role, your relationships with the following people will be important:

  • · Head of Customer Projects & Business Operations: planning and estimating commercial delivery work, across the full pipeline from data to SDK production, actively managing risks to the timeline
  • · Senior Product Manager/ Product Owners: scoping, planning and resourcing internal strategic work, tracking and communicating progress and managing risks and dependencies on other teams
  • · Engineering Management and Technical Leads: planning and managing resources for projects, through prototyping, design, development and delivery
  • · VP Strategic Partnerships and Sales Team: supporting pre-sales and post-sales customer conversations, including requests for demos
  • · Scrum Master and scrum team: clarifying requirements, priorities and goals for upcoming sprints; identifying and mitigating obstacles

To be successful in this position you will need to show case the following experience.

  • · building focus and momentum in a friendly mixed-skill team (data engineering, machine learning engineering, research, software, QA)
  • · planning projects based on initial assumptions about their goals and scope and then keeping them on track by keeping goals, scope, plans, resources, progress and risk under constant review.
  • · representing customers to your team and your team to its customers.
  • · weighing up the technical complexity, effort and risk for a task against its value
  • · thinking in advance about outcomes and ways to test their success
  • · adapting how you communicate to suit the interests and expertise of your listeners
  • · creating and maintaining shared sources of truth
  • · seeing newly developed technologies delight customers in real products

For more information about this position plese reach out to have a confidential conversation about this role.