Thomas Hook

Recruitment Consultant

​Thomas joined SoCode in May 2022 as a recruitment consultant covering the JavaScript/FrontEnd market.

What led you to SoCode?

"I was pushing trollies around Sainsbury's carpark until I had my first call with one of the guys at SoCode and after an hour and a half on the phone, i quickly realised that recruitment was the job for me. About a year after the first call I gained the experience I needed to join the SoCode team."

What did you want to be when you grew up?

"I always wanted to be the next Steven Gerrard, as I grew up I realised that was slightly too unrealistic."

Where would we find you outside of work?

" I always either in the gym or the pub depending on the day!"

What's your favourite quote?

"You make your own luck. - My Grandad"