Louis Plevin

Managing Consultant

​Louis began his journey with SoCode in May 2021. Hired to kick start and grow the Mechanical Engineering market which has since developed into a successful engineering division.

"I grew up on the small island of Guernsey - where I could spend my entire day on the beach however, it has limited opportunities. So, after University in Cambridge I moved to London where I landed a graduate job in tech recruitment. The business was exceptional and made me the consultant I am today but after a long lockdown I decided to come back to Cambridge where I went to University; I was able to spend more time with friends and get out of the city.

I love working at SoCode as it allows me to do recruitment the way I want to and apply my own knowledge and experience to how I go about my day. I can be autonomous as I want but still have the support for when I need it."

What inspires you?

"My younger brother inspires me! He's gone from having a broken back and bed bound to the most active person I know! If he can have that amount of motivation and get out of a hole like that, then I can't really complain and will always strive to do anything"

What did you want to be when you grew up?

"This is an easy one. A Power Ranger"

What advice would you give someone looking to get into recruitment?

"It's certainly not a job for everyone, but if you have the drive to own your own successes then I would highly advise it!"