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What’s preventing people from applying to your job?

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What’s preventing people from applying to your job?

​Finding the perfect hire for your organisation can be challenging, especially within the technology, engineering, and scientific markets. The talent pool seems to be shrinking, and some of the best candidates are passive job seekers who are already employed and not actively seeking new opportunities.

If you consistently find that your job vacancies aren’t attracting the right applicants or any applicants at all, it’s time to consider where your message might be falling short.


Here are 5 reasons why people might not be applying:

1.       The salary is too low (or not disclosed)

Candidates want to know they will be fairly compensated for their work. Ensure that your salaries are benchmarked within the typical range for the position. Job listings that include salary ranges tend to attract more applications that those without specific figures. Being transparent about the salary range shows your organisation’s fairness and openness.

2.       Over-prescriptive requirements

A job listing shouldn’t be an extensive checklist of all the qualifications and skills you desire in an employee. Overwhelming candidates with a long list of requirements can deter them from applying. Consider what qualifications are truly essential and where you can be more flexible. Adopting a values-based hiring approach can lead to a more diverse pool of candidates and enhance problem-solving capabilities within your workforce.

3.       Lack of emphasis on Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

Job listings should not only focus on the skills needed but also highlight what makes your organisation unique and attractive as an employer. Showcase the benefits of working in your organisation, including monetary and non-monetary rewards, and emphasise your organisational mission and commitment to social responsibility.

4.       Use of cliches

Avoid using jargon and overused phrases in your job listings. Cliches like ‘self-starter’ or game-changing’ can be meaningless and create a negative impression. Instead, use clear and straightforward language to help candidates relate to the position.

5.       Non-inclusive language

Use inclusive language in your job listings to appeal to a wider range of candidates. Be mindful of pronouns and avoid gender-coded language. Certain words may unintentionally discourage applicants from diverse backgrounds. Also avoid using industry-specific jargon and acronyms that could alienate potential candidates from other industries.


By reviewing and addressing these potential roadblocks, in your job listings, you can increase your chances of attracting the right candidates and filling your job vacancies effectively. For more insights and assistance filling your job vacancies, contact one of our expert consultants today -

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