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SoCode branches out with a Scientific Division!

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SoCode branches out with a Scientific Division!

​Here at SoCode we are a leading provider of talent acquisition solutions within the technology sector. We are now proud to announce the launch of our new Scientific Division. This exciting development marks an important expansion for the company, enabling us to better serve the scientific community and meet the growing demand for specialised talent within this field.

With the Scientific industry rapidly evolving and pushing the boundaries of knowledge, there is a pressing need for highly skilled professionals who can drive innovation and advance scientific research. Recognising this demand, we have established a Scientific Division, dedicated to connecting top scientific talent with organisations.

The Scientific division will cater to a wide range of scientific disciplines, including but not limited to Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Research, Chemical Engineering, Clinical Research, Medical Devices and Laboratory Services. Our comprehensive approach ensures that clients receive tailored solutions for their unique requirements, whether they are seeking experienced researchers, laboratory technicians, data analysts, or industry-leading scientists.

By launching this specialised division, we aim to bridge the gap between scientific talent and organisations actively seeking their skills. With their extensive industry knowledge and a vast network of professionals, we are well-positioned to identify and attract the best candidates in the scientific field.

SoCode’s Scientific Division will leverage cutting-edge recruitment strategies, including a combination of traditional approaches and innovative methodologies. Our team of dedicated scientific recruiters will conduct rigorous screening processes, ensuring that candidates possess the necessary qualifications, skills, and passion for scientific excellence.

Clients partnering with SoCode’s Scientific Division can expect a seamless experience throughout the recruitment process. From initial consultations to candidate selection and onboarding support, the division will provide personalised guidance and support to both employers and candidates.


For more information about our new Scientific Division and our range of services, click here or contact our dedicated scientific team at

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