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Staying positive when working from home

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Staying positive when working from home

Staying positive when working from home

For many of us, working from home can sound like a dream opportunity but in reality, working from home during these pandemic times is not going to live up to the expectation that we have set for it. Being stuck between the 4 walls of your home office, bedroom or working environment is usually fine. The difference currently is that following government advice, you will no longer be able to go to the pub on a Friday to escape it all; go to the theatre with the other half or if you are following it to the letter, go to a restaurant.

It will be easy for the home working environment to start to feel like living in the office, regardless of where you are working. So here is my advice for staying positive during these troubling times:

Stay Healthy:

As easy as it is to order a Deliveroo, grab a snack from the cupboard or eat an entire tub of celebrations whilst working away on your laptop; this is not advisable over a sustained period of time. Try to eat healthy and make good choices; a healthy mind is a happy mind.

Take a walk:

Even following the government guidelines, we are still able to enjoy a leisurely stroll out in the fresh air. This is massively important; the idea of sitting at a home office, then getting up and sitting on the sofa means that you are getting no fresh air or exercise… get out and take a walk as much as you can. When there are so many things that we can’t do at the moment, lets enjoy the little things in life.

Video calls:

The thing I love about working at SoCode is the team that I get to work alongside every day. Not only are they knowledgeable if I have technology or company related questions but they are just an incredible bunch of people who I enjoy spending time with.

Human interaction is such a big part of my day to day so Video calls with the team both individually and as a group will become a huge part of this. Just because you are home alone, doesn’t need to mean that you are working alone; your team are just a video call away.

Clock on, clock off:

Keep an eye on the time; it will be easy to get caught up in work and the feeling of living in the office will only worsen if you don’t have a set time to start / finish the work that you have. Ideally, you will have a room that you can work in and then leave the room when you finish, giving you the feeling of having left the office. I personally know how easy it is to get caught up in your work and pick up on calls / emails in the evening and over the weekend but when working from home, the work will have to wait.

SoCode will be continuing to recruit with the technology sector in Cambridge; if you would like to speak about live positions, feel free to give us a call (or drop me an email and we can set up a Video conversation).

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