SoCode Trip to Prague

SoCode Trip to Prague

by Charlotte Zappia


Another fantastic year complete, we closed the doors for a long weekend to celebrate 2 years of business with our friends, family and colleagues in Prague. 

As we headed to the airport on Friday morning we split into 2 groups, girls went shopping, boys went to eat... of course. Later we arrived in Prague to pure sunshine and bliss before heading out to what can only be described as a "Meat and Beer" house. After being stunned at just how many pints our waitress could carry in one hand (6 pints!) we shared a lot of pork and a lot of laughs. 

Saturday we explored and spent some well earned time with our partners before dining at Kampa Park Restaurant to eat and drink the night away overlooking Pragues stunning river and bridge. For anybody that has not been to this incredible restaurant, you have to go ! 

We finally travelled back Sunday ready for a new week on monday morning.