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SoCode Trip to Carcassone

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SoCode Trip to Carcassone

For the first time ever we closed our doors,  turned off our phones and stopped checking emails to celebrate a year of business. As we boarded our plane and checked in to our Chateau in the South of France we all had a chance to breath and take a collective break. 

Such a major and often overlooked part of individual and team success is undoubtedly the support that the families and friends give us to go above and beyond the call of duty and ensure our clients and candidates are serviced as best we can. As such, we thought it was only fitting that they share in our success so we were pleased to welcome Antony and Shaneice to join us on our Company holiday to Carcassone

N.B - I am not on commission but it should be noted that Carcassone is a little known but rather spectacular place in the Aude region of France (easily accessible via London Stansted) full of vinyards, fresh food and wine, wonderful Chateaus and most notibly the Medeival old-town. If you have not been - make sure it gets on your bucket list. 

A few (carefully selected) photos from our trip will appear shortly - my thanks to the team at SoCode, their long suffering partners and the hotel staff at Chateau de Cavanac for a great time away.

We are now successfully back in the UK and continuing our growth in our 2nd Year. 



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