Maroof Abdul-Aziz

Senior Recruitment Consultant

​Maroof started his journey with SoCode in June 2021.

"I recruit for Product Management roles across Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas. Product management is a vital part of most technology companies. Whether they create hardware or sell software solutions/products; product managers and product owners are at the heart of any companies strategy and play a crucial part in helping products launch into the market.

What I enjoy about product management is hearing about how PM's and PO's from different companies tackle challenging projects and how they bring them to market, as well as the challenges and roadblocks they face along the way. In addition to recruiting for Product Management roles I also run a Product Community for professionals across Cambridgeshire."

Interesting Fact about Maroof.

"The first sport I was introduced to was cricket however by age 6 I was obsessed with football and had not yet selected a team to dedicate my allegiance to. My Neighbour supported Liverpool, so I decided to support the arch enemy in Manchester United (how convenient going into the 1999 season)"

Where would we find you outside of work?

"Outside of work you will either find me playing football, playing around with music creation software or running around the house tidying up any visible wires, frantically trying to satisfy my cable management OCD. The only other place you'll find me would be in the kitchen trying not to burn food, whilst listening to 90's hip-hop."

Favourite Quote:

“Don’t play the occasion, play the game - Sir Alex Ferguson"