Colt Sarginson

Director - Contract & Key Accounts

Colt was our first employee at SoCode and is currently the Director - Contract & Key Accounts.

Colt joined us on May 4th 2016 (AKA Star Wars Day) - as SoCode's first employee, Colt has both witnessed and played a integral role in our transformation from start-up to market leader.

"I have covered a number of markets during my time at SoCode from C# to Python & JavaScript. Having helped develop a number of key accounts within these areas; I have become a specialist within contract recruitment and am now responsible for all contract and key accounts throughout SoCode; ensuring that our clients are satisfied and delivery is at the level expected.

Prior to joining SoCode my entire background was focused around sales. Starting my career at the age of 16 going door to door canvassing through to telephone sales. Followed by work within advertising sales as an editorial researcher. All of the skills I have learnt have turned out to be instrumental throughout my recruitment career. I have always have had big ambitions for my family and I - using this I have worked my way to Director level within SoCode and, in such a fast growing business, I feel like there is still a long way for my career to climb."

What inspires you?

"Many recruiters are money motivated and although this is true, for me my biggest motivation is providing for my family. Like any job there are ups and downs but knowing my family are there when I get home each day, keeps me motivated. Like most Fathers, I want the best for my boys and of course my fiancé. With their support of the recruitment lifestyle it is easy to stay motivated and ambitious."

What did you want to be when you grew up?

"Ventriloquist (when I was 8 years old); I'd spend weeks practising, I even created a timetable for school homework and household chores that included my ventriloquism practice within this."

What is your favourite quote?

"The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best is right now. - Chinese Proverb"